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Danish zoo puts down healthy giraffe to avoid inbreeding

Fed to the lions
In Europe, they are members in the European Association involving Zoos along with Aquaria. The Particular association counts just over 300 members and below its rules, inbreeding between giraffes is actually being avoided.
Following an autopsy, its entire body is going to be chopped up as well as fed to always be able to carnivores in the zoo.

"The euthanasia is occurring inside agreement with the European Breeding Programme with regard to Giraffes," Copenhagen Zoo stated upon its website.
Copenhagen Zoo stated it had been putting down the male, named Marius, about Sunday since of your duty for you to steer clear of inbreeding.
(CNN) -- An online petition to save lots of a proper youthful giraffe from death features failed, despite a significant range of signatures.
International breeding program
"It isn't possible to transfer the actual giraffe to any new zoo as it will cause inbreeding."

The zoo created distinct that its policy had not necessarily been for you to offer the actual animals.

Despite online uproar more than your transfer and studies associated with last-minute attempts in order for you to save the animal, the actual tranny chat zoo within the Danish richesse said hello had no place for Marius within its giraffe herd.
A youthful giraffe had been shot dead at Copenhagen zoo in February 9, 2014 despite an internet petition in order for you to save it.A youthful giraffe had been shot dead with Copenhagen zoo in February 9, 2014 despite an internet petition in order in order to save it.STORY HIGHLIGHTSCopenhagen Zoo euthanizes wholesome male giraffe despite online protestZoo says this actually is because of your duty to become able to stay away from inbreedingThousands signal online petition to save your giraffeGiraffe's carcass to be fed to be able to zoo's carnivores

Danish zoo puts down healthy giraffe to avoid inbreeding - CNN.com

Despite Marius becoming healthy, his genes are usually previously well represented at the zoo. When an animal's genes are well represented in a population further breeding with this specific animal is actually unwanted."
Several zoos volunteered to take Marius in.
The UK's Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which says it features a state-of-the-art giraffe house as well as the capacity to possess an extra male, had been amongst a number of locations which usually devote offers to consider him.

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Marius was killed by a bolt gun, not just a lethal injection, which would contaminate the actual meat, the zoo said.
"Copenhagen Zoo's giraffes are a component of a global breeding programme which in turn aims in guaranteeing a wholesome giraffe population throughout European zoos," Copenhagen Zoo's scientific director Bengt Holst mentioned inside the Q&A.
. Releasing the giraffe in to the wild will be unlikely to succeed, Copenhagen Zoo stated about its website.
The carcass will be used partly pertaining to analysis along with partly to secure carnivores at the zoo.
Copenhagen Zoo, which revealed a web-based Q&A about the death, mentioned only zoos that comply with certain rules may be a part of international breeding programs.
The giraffe's impending death had sparked outrage online, together with more than 27,000 individuals signing a new "Save Marius" petition, appealing for a last-minute adjust associated with heart.

"This is performed by simply constantly make specific that only unrelated giraffes breed so that inbreeding is avoided

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