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BlackBerry CEO would sell BBM for $19bn

I would recommend to the board to take it."

. Regular answer," he said.
BlackBerry CEO would click to enter my homepage sell BBM with regard to $19bnBlackBerry Z10 Gallery
BlackBerry CEO would offer BBM for $19bn | Information | PC Pro
Instead, he explained BlackBerry believes there's "value" in messaging, and also that will the proper strategy regarding BBM is to broaden its presence within the market.

"I function for your shareholder. "If somebody comes to me along with $19 billion, I would definitely sell it. Earlier this week, the organization unveiled intends to release enterprise versions with the messaging service, using added safety as well as features pertaining to company users.

BlackBerry furthermore stated BBM could be produced available about Windows Telephone for that first-time inside the coming months; it has recently arrived in Android along with iOS.
BlackBerry CEO John Chen could be ready to offer your BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) service, nevertheless just at the best price.
By Nicole Kobie
Last week, Facebook bought messaging app WhatsApp pertaining to $19 billion - a figure which Chen stated would find his attention, within interviews using CNBC.

Posted about 26 Feb 2014 from 09:08
However, WhatsApp has 450 million customers in contrast to become able to BBM's 85 million, and Chen isn't holding out regarding this offer

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